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 Gym Leader Bio

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Steel Gym Leader
Steel Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Bio   Gym Leader Bio EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 5:33 am

Badge: ???? (I'll get to it.....eventually...)

Hey, my name is Kenny Kong. I was the first ever challenger to the PCC Pokemon League and subsequently became it's first Champion (I still have the badges to show for it too). I am the resident asshole that has no qualm about speaking my mind as long as I see fit (PIPE BOMB!) but I'm not too bad of a guy according to those that know me. If you see me dropping pipe bombs on people then well don't take it to heart too much as I probably have a really good reason for it. Like Santi, I have involvement in the Japanese Visual Animation Club and I was a former President from even before Santi's time, man I'm old!

I've been playing Pokemon ever since it was introduced in America in the form of Red and Blue versions and I have played every version, including Green version, ever since then. I got more into the technical side of Pokemon with IV and EV training through my long time friend and former President of JVAC, Kenny Lai, when I got involved with JVAC back in 2006. I had not known about it back in my RBY days and realized just how much of a difference it made on the stats of each Pokemon on my team. My very first IV and EV trained team consisted of Nidoking, Charizard, Espeon, Lapras, Aggron, and Spiritomb as Charizard was my favorite Pokemon while the others were meant to provide type coverage. Of course, this team was not as successful as the movesets were thrown together without consideration to what I would see as I did not know the meta game at that time period but nonetheless I had fun with the team. I have since gotten much better; hence why I was able to become the league's first Champion, pass the Gym Leader test, became Steel Gym Trainer, and become the Steel Gym Leader when the position opened up. I am open to battling at anytime when I am free whether it be with my OU or Gym Team. However, if you are a present challenger and have not gotten past me then I will strictly only face you with my OU teams.

The reason I chose Steel Type is because it was the only other type that provided a representation of the cold harshness of an asshole like me while still providing beefy, intimidating, and rather versatile Pokemon. I will educate people in the art of Steel Pokemon as I dominate the battlefield with them! If you have any questions regarding builds for Steel Pokemon or even just other Pokemon in general then stop by and ask me and I will gladly help you!
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Gym Leader Bio
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