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 Gym Leader Bio

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Water Gym Leader
Water Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Bio   Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:10 pm

Anyways...I is 20 and happy hehe.
I is the Water gym because I love them so much I can't get enough of the water and in my opinion they are cute.
I love the dark culture, Fave movie of all time Nightmare Before Christmas and first band that changed my life was System of a Down.

If you guys don't know I'm very blonded, hand around me long enough and you'll get it.
I'm close to transferring, ha a year and a half ha.
I love book and i don't like hard core takers.
I is also Blue Fox so Water is fitting.
I'm pretty open ask me anything else you want to know as long as I'm comfortable I'll tell you anything.

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Gym Leader Bio
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