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 How to become a Gym Leader

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PostSubject: How to become a Gym Leader   How to become a Gym Leader EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 5:35 am

Hey Guys,

in this topic I will be explaining the different steps to becoming a gym leader for the Pasadena City College Pokemon League.

First of all, let's cover the basics.

What is the primary job of a gym leader?
A gym leader represents the league. The PCC Pokemon league is a place where trainers from all over can participate in activities Pokemon related, meet new trainers, battle others to get better, challenge the gym leaders for prizes and also obtain free tutoring from the gym leaders.
As representatives, gym leaders specialize in a specific type (All 6 of their Pokemon are the same type), which allows trainers to seek out expert advice on each one of their Pokemon from their team. In battle, it is your job as a gym leader to present a wide variety of challenges to the trainers before awarding a badge and allowing them to move forward. This ensures that all trainers that go through the league are guaranteed to be on top of the game in order to maintain the league's reputation.

How do I become a gym leader?
The PCC Pokemon League has a total of 8 gym leaders. If one of them were to leave for whatever reason, a challenger with enough knowledge and skill is chosen to take his/her place. If you were interested in being that one person to replace a gym leader, there are two steps to doing so:

1. WRITTEN TEST: Each trainer will be given 30-45 minutes to complete a written exam which will test the overall knowledge of the trainer. Questions include the topics of type, breeding, battling, items, game play, competitive play, league history, terms and conditions of the league, along with other factual questions. In this test, there will also be situations in battle that will be given multiple choice answers to choose from to determine which is the best plan of action for that specific situation. Those who are able to pass the exam with an 80% will move forward in the process, those who don't, will be dropped from that specific time in question but will have another chance to retake the test if they were to reapply.

2. TEST BATTLE: If trainers pass the written test, the 8th gym leader will test battle the candidates under the rules of UU (Underused) tier battling. Each candidate will be put to the test with the type they have chosen to run for their gym and they must arrange a team to go through the second test. They are allowed to use 1 BL (Borderline) Pokemon, as long as it corresponds to their type. 4 out of 6 Pokemon MUST be from the type chosen. The point here is NOT to win a battle. At this point, the 8th gym leader will determine the style of battle of the trainers under rigorous conditions of battle with different types and will determine if they're suitable for the position. It serves as an elimination method to determine which, out of all that passed the exam, is more lenient and ready for the job.

Should you be chosen to be gym leader, you will be given your own forum on this site to manage and will be given badges made out of your own design to award challengers.
Being gym leader for the Pasadena City College Pokemon League is a very rewarding experience and the perfect chance to exploit you knowledge in a competitive environment. If you think that this is something that interests you, go ahead and apply on the "Apply to be a gym leader" post on this same forum.
DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST TO APPLY! This post is to answer question ONLY!

Thanks for your interest, happy battling! =D
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How to become a Gym Leader
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