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 Gym Leader Bio

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Ghost Gym Leader
Ghost Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Bio   Gym Leader Bio EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 1:38 am


My name is Toaster and I am the 6th Gym leader that you will be facing. Battling against a challenging opponent is always a pleasure as I will learn much from you as you will from me. Since I am an old school Pokemon fanatic, my favorite Pokemon is Gengar. Though scary and intimidating, Gengar (like myself) is a playful Pokemon that enjoys a good laugh.

Besides the Pokemon League, I enjoy other activities involving the arts and music. I have a punk band that I am currently the singer in. So if you enjoy punk music and wanna check us out, let me know and I'll tell you when our next show is coming up.

So let me know when you would like to battle and I'll be glad to set a time.

-Toaster tongue
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Gym Leader Bio
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