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 Gym Leader Bio

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Psychic Gym Leader
Psychic Gym Leader

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TYPE Psychic

BADGE Vision

WEAKNESS Besides the obvious I'm really naive about 4th generation pokemon. I sometimes have a "What the heck is that thing and what type is it?" moment. The reason for that is because I don't have 4th generation games. ...Unless you count Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of time, darkness and sky. Well anyway despite that I am slowly learning so even if you bring out a 4th gen pokemon there is a chance I'll know what it is anyway.

HOW THIS ALL HAPPENED Well honestly after I got into PMD I told myself I wouldn't buy regular pokemon games again. They suck compared to PMD. Yep I said it. Getting badges, fighting an evil team, collecting pokemon... its the same thing over and over. PMD you actually get a PLOT and it doesn't copy the same idea over and over. Anyway I heard some of my friends were buying HeartGold and Soulsilver so I thought it would be fun to battle them. Despite my promise to myself I bought Soulsilver. All I wanted to do was have fun with my friends. I fought two of my friends and I was DESTROYED by them. I wanted rev- I mean a rematch. Yeah... so later on I transfered my Firered team over since that team was awesome. I fought them again and beat them with my beloved Art. I was cheap. I can admit that without knowing what Art can do then he can be annoying. One of the people I beat is the current 8th Gym leader Santi. Of course later on he CRUSHED my team in another match. Oh ho! He's the 8th gym for a good reason. I think he was impressed with how much work and thought I put into Art so he asked if I wanted to be a gym leader. I wasn't sure. Honestly I don't think I'm as good as people say I am. But then I thought of all the battles I'd have so I decided to take him up on his offer.

WHY THIS TYPE I chose Psychic because I think they are cool. I may have been influenced by the first pokemon movie. The thought of crushing your enemy without even touching them is lovely. Psychic pokemon are like Darth Vader. Who wouldn't want those powers? Also I like Sabrina. The way she can read the mind of her Alakazam and etc. is also very cool.

MY PERSONALITY AND WHAT I WANT I'm a mellow person most of the time. I wont be mean if I win a match and I wont be a sore loser if I lose. I love a challenge so give me your best shot! Haha I make a habit of challenging tough trainers that often overpower me. Why? Because one day... one day I'll get that moment where I'll finally beat them and that'll be awesome. Oh and anyone that goes easy on me in ANY game annoys me. I'm sorry but yes that is annoying and when I'm annoyed I'm not having fun. Crush me if you can. Because one day I'll crush you back. That is the way to have fun. Two people having an awesome and challenging fight is the way to go. If I actually don't know who is going to win then thats when it gets really good.
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Gym Leader Bio
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