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 Terms & Conditions

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PostSubject: Terms & Conditions   Terms & Conditions EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 10:01 pm

Terms & Conditions


 Battles will be on a 1 vs. 1 fashion and the chosen 8 pokemon are to be used during the entire competition. Pasadena City College Pokemon league does not do double battles.

 Only the challenger is allowed to make substitutions during a match, the gym leaders do not.

 Challengers will OCASSIONALLY be permitted to be accompanied by a coach (Policy varies in each individual gym)

 The challenger must follow a battle order with the gym leaders and will only advance with the necessary signatures and badges from the former gym leaders. *See ‘Progress Sheet’ or check on facebook website to know the order*

 Official challengers are not permitted to see battles of other challengers against gym leaders they haven’t battled yet.

 If the challenger gets defeated in battle, he will receive an ‘X’ in the “attempts” slot and have further chances to battle the gym under the gym’s grace period policy. Each gym leader has a different grace period that can go from an immediate rematch, up to one week.

 Should the battle end in a DRAW, the gym leader will either lower or omit the grace period.

 Flat battles may be exceptionally granted on a case by case basis. See each gym leader individually for conditions on flat battles.

 Challengers are HIGHLY encouraged to sign up for the league’s forum and Facebook page to follow through with their progress and also learn more about gym leaders and the league. FACEBOOK: ‘Pasadena City College Pokemon League’ ; FORUM: (Register and you will be given a profile)


 Evasion Clause:
No moves that increase evasion such as Double Team and Minimize may be used. Things like Sand-Attack and Sand Veil are still legal.

 Nicknames Clause:
A Pokemon cannot be nicknamed after another different Pokemon (For Example: Jolteon cannot be nicknamed Pikachu)

 Species Clause
No two of the same Pokemon may be registered. (Same applies with evolution chain; For example, Pikachu and Raichu may not be used simultaneously)

 One Hit KO Clause
One hit KO moves such as Horn Drill or Sheer Cold are not to be used.

 Trick Clause
*For challengers only* The moves ‘Trick’ or ‘Switcheroo’ may not be used to exchange Choice Band, Choice Specs or Choice Scarf.

 Choice Item Clause
Choice Items may not be held by Ubers.

 Item Clause
*For challengers only* 4 or more Pokemon cannot hold the same item in your party (the max is 3) with the exception of the choice items, focus sashes and evolites (one each per team) Example: One choice scarf, one choice band etc.
---The item Soul Dew is banned for both gym leaders and challengers.---

 Dream world Clause:
Only officially released Dream World abilities may be used (Official list of released Dream World ability pokemon is on the FORUM). Challengers may only register up to 3 pokemon with dream world abilities. Gym leaders may only battle with up to 4 pokemon with dream world abilities.

 Selfdestruct Clause
The moves Selfdestruct, Explosion, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, or any other such move may not be used if both players only have 1 remaining Pokemon. If either the challenger or the gym leader uses one of those moves under this condition, they automatically lose.
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Terms & Conditions
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