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 Making a Pokemon Black/White Custom Soundtrack...

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PostSubject: Making a Pokemon Black/White Custom Soundtrack...   Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:01 pm

Hi folks, this is Toshio here, one of the challengers competing in the Fall 2011 Pokemon League.

I was wondering, for you 8 current Gym Leaders and/or any Gym Trainers in this semester, what are your #1 favorite anime songs? It's because I'm making a custom soundtrack based off you guys, just as a keepsake/memoir/souvenir once I possibly leave PCC in about a year or so(I'm not so sure yet).

So far, I got a song from the Psychic Gym Leader Alex P.. Ergo, I'm just missing the remaining 7 themes from the rest of you guys.

Thanks for all your help, guys! I hope you have the best battles ever!!

Wishing you guys the best,
Toshio H. Rozu (J.C. Rosa)/"Sir Lancelot"
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Making a Pokemon Black/White Custom Soundtrack...
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